Actually A Cleverly Disguised AI Program

Aug 7


Okay, so this was one of the most emotional parts of the flash for me.

The reason?

Alright, so the thing about reaching God Tier is that it’s all about having the courage to face your own death. Problem is, pretty much everyone in God Tier didn’t actually have to face their death to get there.

John was put to sleep by Vriska.
Vriska was already dying and just decided to take advantage of the situation.
Aradia’s dreamself was asleep—had been for the whole game—and her robot body was nowhere near a quest bed; she probably didn’t even know it was possible for her to achieve God Tier.
And Jade simply died too quickly for her to do anything.

But Rose and Dave….

They knew the whole time that they were going to die. They were on a suicide  mission. The only two to reach God Tier who knew they were going to die, and didn’t know they were going to come back.

Their faces when they look at each other while standing before the Tumor….

They’re so scared….

And suddenly you remember they’re only thirteen.


they’re 13. they’re just kids. just a few hours ago they were living somewhat abnormal but within reasonable lives and just had to be kids. they just wanted to play a video game together on their best friend’s birthday and have fun. 

their childhood was the price they paid for the courage to face death

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