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Here are cast pics from the shows at Metro (minus the Chess Match cuz I had to pee right after the show and GGX because I missed it >.<) I’m so proud of these guys and it’s so great to see my friends perform again!

How I Understand Reproduction



1) Bang Hole
2)Obtain Child

Jun 9

Send me characters and numbers for them idk


  1. In a setting where such behavior wouldn’t be threatening (during the day, with people milling about, etc), a smiling stranger approaches the character and says “you know, you’re pretty cute”. How does the character react?
  2. There’s an event a friend of you character’s is inviting them to vigorously, but the character learns that someone they despise is going to be there as well. What do they do?
  3. Without having any time to prepare themselves, the character is asked to go onto a stage and improvise a short speech in front of a crowd. What happens?
  4. Your character has to leave the house shortly, and they have very little time to prepare. What’s the one thing they will choose over others - breakfast, washing their hair, painting their nails, replying to e-mails, etc.?
  5. The character witnesses a loud, heated argument between a couple while in public, at a place they can’t/don’t want to leave at the moment. How do they react?
  6. Does the character pay much attention to their living space’s aestethics? Do they like decorating? Do they take pains to keep their place organized?
  7. Your character is unemployed and short on money, and has two opportunities today: a day of picking strawberries, starting early in the morning, or a day of taking care of little children at a public event. Which do they take, if any?
  8. The character borrows their friends’ laptop for a moment, and when they being to type an address in their browser the drop-down list reveals a list of very descriptive links to porn sites, letting the character know things about their friend they never ever wanted to know. Do they react in any way?
  9. The character has a big day ahead of them, but the person living on the other side of their bedroom wall is having really really loud sex all night long. 
  10. If there was something you character could name (characters in a game, beetles bred for experiments, pens, anything), what naming convention would they pick? Would they bother naming things at all?
  11. Which class would the character be likely to pick in a DnD tabletop game? Or would they rather GM?
  12. Your character’s loved one of your choice said they’d be home at 6 pm. It’s now 8 pm and they still aren’t there. 
  13. Does the character care about the type of underwear they wear? Do they like fancy lingerie, or funny boxers, or do they not see the point of fancying up something that almost nobody sees?
  14. Does the character know how to do their laundry?
  15. Would your character be comfortable(ish) living at dorms/barracks/other environment where they need to share the space with strangers?
  16. A friend ask your character for relationship advice; they say they love their boyfriend, but that sometimes he publicly says things that make them feel guilty for the money he spends on them, or that he tends to interrupt them mid-sentence and not listen when they’re talking. They do stress how much they love him, and how happy he makes them. What is your character’s advice?
  17. Your character is introduced to someone important. The person is dismissive towards them, cutting them off and treating them patronizingly. Do they leave the conversation, call the person out, or let it slide?
  18. Your character has been working hard for two weeks straight, and its their first night off - without any responsibilities to take care of the next day, with nobody having announced themselves to drop by, basically: the evening is 100% theirs to unwind and relax. What do they do?
  19. How easily does your character get sick?
  20. Are there any noises that annoy the character more than others?
  21. What is the first thing an unsympathetic stranger might notice about the character? What about a sympathetic one?
  22. Your character had a big argument with a friend over something they both consider very important (feel free to pick a specific issue), and they were so angry that they break off all contact. Fast-forward a year, and they end up at the same table during an important dinner. 
  23. The character meets someone who used to bully them as a child. The person seems much more amiable and less of a shithead, and, in fact, says they have always wanted to apologize for their behavior, and that their conscience had been gnawing on them for years. Does your character forgive them? Do they say they forgive, but continue having the grudge? Do they tell them to piss off? Do they say they’ll be even once they kick the person’s ass?
  24. Your character gets set up on a date; they weren’t looking forward to it, but couldn’t manage to get their way out of this. But after 40 minutes of waiting, it’s obvious they’ve been stood up. Are they relieved? Doubly angry? Embarrassed?
  25. Who’s the most important person to your character that they never personally met? Would they be disappointed if they met them?
  26. Would the character feel sad when they saw an abandoned teddy bear in the trash?
  27. Someone the character hates - not the “you killed my father” hates, but “you’re a loud douche and everything about you irks me and you make fun of everything I find important and you relish in making me uncomfortable” hates - collapses and starts throwing up. There’s nobody else around. Does your character do anything?
  28. What is the thing that drew the character to their current love interest/best friend?
  29. What is your character’s biggest physical insecurity? What’s their bigger social/mental one?
  30. Your character hears screams for help. They end soon, but they can see that there are multiple people closer to the screaming, and that they’re calm, including a security guard. What do they do?
  31. Would the character laugh at the Spiders Georg post? If not, why are they a piss grouch who hates fun?
  32. If your character ever wanted to get married, what would their perfect wedding be like? 
  33. If your character was to get tattoos, what would they depict? Would they choose symbols that are important to them, or lean on the side of beauty over symbolism?
  34. Is your character’s nationality/ethnic group/religious community important to them? Do they consider it a big part of what defines them?
  35. Your character wakes up late for class/work. They know they won’t get kicked out if they don’t show up at all, and they’re already an hour late. Do they go?
  36. Would the character be fine with having an open relationship? What about a poly relationship?
  37. There’s a community event in your character’s living area - citizens are encouraged to clean up and pick up litter. There’s no reward for participating, but your character doesn’t have any plans for the day, and the weather is nice. Do they lend a hand? If they do, do they socialize with their neighbors?
  38. Does the character enjoy being outdoors? Do they just like taking walks or sitting in the garden, or do they go hard and love camping trips with no internet and cell phone connection?
  39. What is the most common source of arguments with the character’s life partner(s)? 
  40. How does the character feel about one-night stands?
Jun 9

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Jun 6

Viva La Pompeii by MashFox

Jun 5

Oops, I made dating sim versions.
(Originals here and here)


Oops, I made dating sim versions.

(Originals here and here)

Jun 5


Hiimdaisy P4 comic + SNK
The story is by him. I just drew the characters in the situation. 
Its better if you read it along with this (the p4 comic dub) 
I used “with nothing else” because i’ve never heard anybody say “plain tea”and…no, tea dosen’t work like that. 

Jun 3

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this is EXACTLY what having a cat is like

I snorted.

literally right fucking now

Jun 1

Kalta, 8!

The character borrows their friend’s laptop for a moment, and when they begin to type an address in their browser, the drop-down list reveals a list of very descriptive links to porn sites, letting the character know things about their friend they never ever wanted to know. Do they react in any way?

It depends on which friend… but yes. Probably with snide comments until it gets boring. There’s not much that would actually bother her, though, so the reaction would be something along the lines of “Oh wow. Hmm. Soooo… did you know there’s this thing called private browsing?” And then some content-specific jokes.